Øyvind Ougaard, Søren Rislund, Jan Monrad and Ole Fick on stage

Ole Fick is a Danish voice actor who has dubbed leading characters in the Danish translations of several Muppet/Creature Shop projects. His roles include Rugby Tiger (renamed Robbie) in Legetøjets Hemmelige Liv (The Secret Life of Toys), Gonzo in Muppets Fra Rummet (Muppets from Space), Muppets Juleeventyr (The Muppet Christmas Carol) and Muppets Now, and Mr. Tinkles in Cats & Dogs.

Besides being a actor, he is also an illustrator and musician. For many years, he has been working close with Øyvind Ougaard. Besides creating their own material, they also work as sidekicks for the comic duo Monrad & Rislund.

Some of his work includes dubbing for Disney's The Aristocats, The Jungle Book 2 and Bunnytown, and on-camera roles in Ørnen, Gufol mysteriet, and Pyrus På Pletten.

He is a bass player in the band Burnin Red Ivanhoe.

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