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DEBUT 1976
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Olivia's trained profession was as a photographer, seen here in Episode 1899 (1984).

Olivia Robinson is Gordon's sister, who worked as a photographer. She first appeared in a 1976 episode with Gordon. She was officially welcomed to Sesame Street by Oscar the Grouch a week later.

Olivia appeared on Sesame Street from 1976 (Season 8) to 1988 (Season 19). In the 1985 film Follow That Bird, she searches for Big Bird with Gordon, Linda, Cookie Monster, and Grover in a yellow Volkswagen bug.

Some of her notable appearances on the show include comparing photography with Oscar in Episode 1217, taking Herry Monster to (and inspiring him to become) an eye doctor in Episode 1261, dating a piano tuner named Bernie in Episode 1859, teaching Big Bird how to vote in Episode 1957, performing at Birdland in Episode 2447 and Episode 2504, and singing opera with Placido Flamingo in Episode 2517.

She was also present for several milestones on Sesame Street including Miles' adoption, the trips to Hawaii and Puerto Rico, explaining Mr. Hooper's death to Big Bird in Episode 1839, and searching for Big Bird in the Metropolitan Museum of Art in Don't Eat the Pictures with some kids.

In the tradition of Sesame Street characters reading a story acted out by Muppets, Olivia has read "The Two-Headed Monster" (in which the Two-Headed Monster is named Horn and Hardart), "Katie and the King", and "How the King Got His Kazoo".


Olivia is known for performing many songs on Sesame Street, as well as in the specials and movies:

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She also performed songs on Sesame albums, including:

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