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Released 1978
Format LP
Label Sesame Street Records
Cat no. CTW 22087
Block Party back

On the Street Where We Live - Block Party! is notable for being co-produced by Sesame Street cast member Northern Calloway. Unusual for a Sesame album, it focuses almost entirely on the human cast. Big Bird and Oscar the Grouch are the only Muppets who appear, and only on three tracks.

Track listing

Side One

  1. Come Along - Big Bird and the Cast
    by Gavin Spencer and Northern Calloway
  2. Monkey See, Monkey Do - Big Bird, with Bob and Maria
    by Gavin Spencer and Northern Calloway
  3. Soul Food - Gordon
    Gorham and Malamet
  4. Blowin' My Bubbles - Susan
  5. Here In My Neighborhood - Bob
    by Alan Menken
  6. Who Wants to Go to a Party? - Oscar
    by Joe Raposo

Side Two

  1. Block Party - Olivia
    by Gavin Spencer and Northern Calloway
  2. The Shim Sham Jamboree - David
    by Brown and Jon Stone
  3. You're the Best Friend I Ever Had - Maria
    by Gavin Spencer and Northern Calloway
  4. Upside Down, Inside Out - Bob and the Kids
    Namanworth and Levine
  5. Win or Lose - Susan
    by Alan Menken
  6. Just One Person - David, Gordon, and Susan
    by Hal Hackady and Larry Grossman

Production credits

Produced by:
Gavin Spencer and Northern Calloway
Arranged and Conducted by:
Jeremy Stone
Engineered by:
Lou Gonzalez and Jerry Garszva
Assisted by:
Claude Watts

The Band

Jimmy Young
Bob Babbitt, Russell George, Jule Ruggiero
Vini Bell, Jack Cavari, Bob Rose
Ben Lanzarone, Jeremy Stone
George Devens
Jeremy Stone, Lou Gonzalez, Gavin Spencer
Bass Harmonica
Gavin Spencer
Burt Collins, Joe Shepley, Bob Millikan, Danny Cahn
George Young
Alan Raph
Les Scott, Leon Cohen, Phil Bodner
Richard Bock, Fred Buldrini, Peter Dimitriades, Harold Kohon,
Jesse Levy, Carmel Malin, Joe Malin, Richard Maximoff,
Gene Orloff and Emanuel Vardi
Ken Bichel
Sound Effects:
Roy Carch
Arthur Kaplan
Recorded and Mixed at Quadrasonic, New York City


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