Once Upon a Sesame Street Christmas book
Written by Geri Cole
Robin Newman (adaptation)
Illustrator Tom Brannon
Published October 17, 2017
Publisher Running Press
ISBN 978-0762461622

Once Upon a Sesame Street Christmas is a Christmas book adaptation of a Sesame Street TV special of the same name.

Official description

This adaptation of Sesame Street's first Christmas special to air in more than 30 years will take it place beside beloved holiday classics to become a timeless favorite with kids who love Elmo, Cookie Monster, Oscar the Grouch, and more! Find out how Santa first came to Sesame Street and why we leave cookies for St. Nick on Christmas Eve.

It's the night before Christmas-time to put out some cookies for Santa! But how did this tradition start? Elmo's dad spins him a bedtime story about his great-great-grandmoster, back when Sesame Street was a very different place. Why, everyone was so grouchy that Santa didn't even visit! With help from his friends, Elmo will bring kindness, holiday cheer, and the spirit of Christmas to Sesame Street. But will it be enough for Santa?

The official tie-in to the new Sesame Christmas special (airing on HBO in 2016 and PBS in 2017), this Sesame Street Christmas tale teaches kids the importance of kindness and spreading holiday cheer.

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