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Written by Richard Adler and Jerry Ross
Date 1954
Source The Pajama Game (musical)
Publisher J & J Ross Co.; Lakshmi Puja Music Ltd.

"Once a Year Day," from the Broadway musical The Pajama Game, is performed by a group of monsters as the UK Spot in episode 307 of The Muppet Show.

At the beginning of the sketch, Kermit is frightened by a bewitched candle creeping across his desk. Then, hidden behind skull masks, Blue Frackle, the Vile Bunch Drummer, and other monsters appear, scaring Kermit away as the backstage is plunged into darkness and the monsters begin their celebratory song.

The number is primarily performed by Blue Frackle and the Vile Bunch Drummer, but appearances are made by a number of other monsters, including Chopped Liver and Flower-Eating Monster. In accordance with one lyric, the Vile Bunch Guitarist is transformed into a kangaroo. During the number's instrumental break, the ghost that danced with Alice Cooper in "Welcome to My Nightmare" floats through the closed back door and dances with Thog.

Echoing the end of the episode's opening number, all of the monsters fade away at the conclusion of the song, giving way to a close-up of Alice Cooper's face as he begins his next number, "You and Me."