Written by Frank Loesser
Date 1948
Source Where's Charley? (musical)
Publisher Frank Music Corp.

"Once in Love with Amy" is a popular Broadway love song popularized by Ray Bolger in the musical Where's Charley?. It was also recorded by Frank Sinatra and Perry Como.

The song is performed by Pops and Fozzie as the UK Spot in episode 512 of The Muppet Show. The number begins backstage, with Scooter telling Pops and Fozzie to go on stage. Fozzie, however, doesn't think he'll be able to get the act right, but while he ends up having a bit of trouble keeping up with Pops, he eventually gets his lines right.

In issue #3 of Muppet Peter Pan, Piggytink sings a variation of the song to herself while she primps, as "Once in love with Piggy, always in love with Piggy..."

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