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{{song|writer=Jeff Moss|composer=|lyricist=|date=1983|source=|publisher=Backfin Music, Inc.}}
{{song|writer=[[Jeff Moss]]|composer=|lyricist=|date=1983|source=|publisher=Backfin Music, Inc.}}

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Written by Jeff Moss
Date 1983
Publisher Backfin Music, Inc.

One Banana is a song performed by the Anything Muppets on Sesame Street. The lead singer, performed by Jim Henson, sings about the fact that you never find bananas growing by themselves--only in bunches. Labeling a lonely banana as "Miss Banana", he is joined by a quarted of Muppet bananas that are all dressed similar to Carmen Miranda.

Jeff Moss, who wrote the song, can be heard providing backup vocals.


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