(Where did we get that piece of info?)
(It sounds nothing like Moss. Based on the voices and puppetry styles, it sounds like Richard and Marty.)
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*[[Jeff Moss]], who wrote the song, can be heard providing backup vocals.
*[[Richard Hunt]] and [[Martin P. Robinson]] perform the two back-up singers/musicians.

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Written by Jeff Moss
Date 1983
Publisher Backfin Music, Inc.
EKA Episode 2606

"One Banana" is a song performed by the Anything Muppets on Sesame Street. The lead singer, performed by Jim Henson, sings about the fact that you never find bananas growing by themselves—only in bunches. Labeling a lonely banana as "Miss Banana", he is joined by a quartet of Muppet bananas that are all dressed similar to Carmen Miranda.



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