Opavontuur met Tommie
Songs from Sesamstraat
Released 1986
Format LP
Label WSP
Cat no. WSP 16054

Op Avontuur Met Tommie (Going on an Adventure with Tommie) features two song-filled stories with the Sesamstraat cast that were never on the show. The album was also released on cassette.

Track listing

Side One

  1. Een Zielige Hommel (A Sad Bumblebee)

Side Two

  1. Mogen Wij Een IJsje? (Can We Have Ice Cream, Please?)


Album Summary

A Sad Bumblebee: On a beautiful Spring morning, Ieniemienie, Tommie and Pino meet up with Esther, who is preparing for her class assignment on bumblebees. Together, they act out a story about a bumblebee who falls prey to a mean cat, but is rescued by a giant mouse and a gnome. Frank also shows up: he is really excited about wearing his shorts for the first time this year! When Esther leaves for school, Tommie, Ienie and Pino celebrate being little by starting a parade.

Can We Have Ice Cream, Please?: During a day at the beach with Frank, Tommie, Ieniemienie and Pino get lost in the dunes while looking for the ice cream truck.

Production credits

Direction and written by:
Bert Plagman
Musical Direction by:
Ad Wammes
Produced for Weton Wesgram by:
Balance Recording
Ben Uytjens

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  • The dialogue and song lyrics are written by Bert Plagman, who performs Tommie. Ad Wammes composed the music.

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