Written by Ervin T. Rouse
Date 1939
Publisher Universal MCA Music Publishing

"Orange Blossom Special" is performed by Johnny Cash on episode 521 of The Muppet Show as part of a medley that also includes the song "Jackson" (the latter a duet with Miss Piggy, who takes part in the finale of "Orange Blossom Special" at the end of the medley).

"Orange Blossom Special" was a hit single from the 1965 Johnny Cash album of the same name. The song was inspired by the name of a streamline train in Florida. It has also been a hit for many other country artists over the years. In concert, Cash would switch between two harmonicas while performing the song, a skill he demonstrates during his Muppet Show appearance. It, along with "Jackson", was a staple of his live performances.


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