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The Orange Gold Anything Muppet is a yellowish (Pantone 123) hand-rod puppet with a large jaw, used on Sesame Street. Guy Smiley is the most notable example of this type.

The pattern differs from many other Anything Muppets. While Fat Blue or Lavender heads could be attached to different bodies and the features were completely interchangeable, many of the Orange Gold variations feature the same type of face (including a pointy nose), arms, and body with only the eyes, hair, and accessories altered. One variation, Prince Charming, is in fact a near duplicate of Guy Smiley, only with different attire and voice.

In the 1990s, a live-hand version of the pattern was developed for Monty.

An antecedent to the look of this pattern, and of Guy Smiley in general, is the Conrad Love puppet used in Federal Housing Administration commercials, a 1967 appearance on The Ed Sullivan Show, and in the Sesame Street Pitch Reel.

Although the Guy Smiley character was used on Sesame Street as far back as its first season, it wasn't until the fourth season in 1972 that a special build of the Orange Gold puppet was made with eyebrows that were able to raise and lower, allowing Guy and others of this pattern to show more range of emotion.

Examples of the Sesame Street characters developed from this Anything Muppet include the following:


Orange Gold Live Hand

Since the late 1980s, a live hand variant has also been used. Examples include: