DEBUT 1995
PATTERN Large Lavender Live Hand

An organ grinder appears in episode 3312 of Sesame Street.

He puts an ad in the newspaper, looking for monkeys to perform with him. Joey and Davey Monkey, in need of a job to buy bananas, call him up and schedule an audition. He doesn't seem impressed that they know how to sing and dance, claiming he can find "a gazillion" other monkeys like that.

Joey and Davey pique his interest by claiming they're great rhymers. He hands them a cup and churns out a tune on his organ. The monkeys sing a song ("We Like to Rhyme All the Time") that attracts a large crowd. However, they rhyme faster than the grinder can grind, causing his organ smoke and ultimately break down. He tells them they can't be hired and keeps all the change people have given them, needing it to repair his organ.