Country (Language) Brazil
Released December 2, 2011
Running time 98 minutes
Script Translator/Editor André Bighinzol
Voice Director Guilherme Briggs
Musical Adaptation Félix Ferrà

Os Muppets is the Brazilian-Portuguese dub of The Muppets. It is the film's first dub to receive a home video release after the original American version, which was on video eight days prior to the Brazilian video release.


The extensive promotional campaign included unique theatrical trailers, new Brazilian-Portuguese dubs of the Muppet viral videos, TV appearances (including the trailer in the Brazilian series Disney Planet), TV spots, a Kermit T-shirt, Fini candy bottles featuring Kermit, Miss Piggy and Gonzo, the Radio Disney exhibit at the Start with You festival, magazine appearances (including Kermit in an issue of Quem), Cinemark drinks (sponsored by Fanta), bobble-head miniature versions of Kermit, Miss Piggy, Fozzie Bear and Animal and four Muppet collectible cards. Most of the videos were made available through the WaltDisneyStudiosBR (Brazil) YouTube channel.


English Character Name Brazilian Character Name Brazilian Voice Actor
Kermit the Frog Kermit, o Sapo Paulo Vignolo
Walter Luiz Sérgio Vieira (speaking)
Marcelo Rezende (singing)
Gary Alexandre Moreno (speaking)
Jill Viegas (singing)
Mary Andréa Murucci (speaking)
Sylvia Salustti (singing)
Miss Piggy Guilherme Briggs
Fozzie Bear Fozzie, o Urso Guilherme Briggs (speaking)
Juliano Cortuah (singing)
Sam Eagle Sam, a Águia Guilherme Briggs
Hobo Joe
Tex Richman Élcio Romar
Gonzo Márcio Simões
Scooter Ettore Zuim
Veronica Iara Riça
Uncle Deadly Tio Deadly Carlos Seidl
Bobo Mauro Ramos
'80s Robot Robô Anos 80 Philippe Maia
Waldorf Isaac Bardavid
Rowlf Ronaldo Júlio
Beaker Airam Pinheiro
Dr. Teeth Jorge Vasconcellos
The Swedish Chef Chef Sueco Fernando Mendonça
Animal Mário Monjardim
Gary Muppet Raul Veiga
Human Walter Homem Walter

Additional Voices

Alfredo Martins, Anderson Coutinho, Carlos Comério, Charles Emmanuel, Christiane Monteiro, Christiano Torreão, Duda Espinoza, Eduardo Dascar, Eduardo Drummond, Flávia Saddy, Flávio Back, Iara Rica, Júlio Chaves, Luiz Carlos Persy, Luisa Palomanes, Maíra Góes, Marcelo Garcia, Marcelo Sandryni, Márcia Morelli, Mariângela Cantú, Marco Ribeiro, Mauro Horta, Marisa Leal, Matheus Perissé, Mauricio Berger, Oscar Henriques, Paulo Bernardo, Perla Ficher, Selma Lopes, Sérgio Stern, Sheila Dorfman, Yago Machado



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