Written by Phillip Namanworth
Date 1978
Publisher Sesame Street Inc.
First Episode 1262

"Oscar's Bill of Gripes" is a Sesame Street song performed by Oscar the Grouch.

Oscar holds a rally outside Central Park (by the USS Maine National Monument) to bring awareness of the Grouches' Bill of Rights, but more commonly referred to as the "Bill of Gripes." He sings about the various things the document protects a Grouch's right to do, such as the right to be miserable all the time or play their broken trumpet at night. His audience, consisting of people and Grouches (along with Gordon and Willy), eventually abandon the cause and leave.

According to Oscar's pre-song speech, the Bill of Gripes was written in 1776 by Thomas Grufferson and signed by George Grouchinton.


  • One of Oscar's banners reads "Grouches of the World Unite," which would later become the opening line of his other political-fueled song, "The Grouch Anthem" in Follow That Bird.