Oscar the Grouch as he appears in stage shows and theme parks including Sesame Street Live and Sesame Place. Oscar has existed as both a puppet and a walk-around character. In stage shows, Oscar is performed to a vocal track by Caroll Spinney (until 2017) and Eric Jacobson (2017-).

Like all the other Sesame Street characters, Oscar was originally designed and fabricated by the Muppet Workshop, who eventually handed these duties over to VEE Corporation.

Full Body Puppet/Costume Year Stage Production Notes
Mid-late 1970s Ice Follies/Holiday on Ice Oscar as he appears in the Ice Follies / Holiday on Ice shows from 1974 to 1980.
1989 Silly Dancing In his first (and, until 2012, only) appearance as a walk-around character - and in one of his rare appearances outside of his trash can - Oscar joins Grundgetta in the "Everything in the Wrong Place Ball".
Live oscar
2000 Let's Be Friends Oscar as he appeared in Sesame Street Live, prior to 2017. The puppet was operated from inside a large trash can (when entering and leaving the scene, Oscar would walk while inside the can, his legs worn by the puppeteer). This puppet, bigger than the actual Oscar, was intended to not look small compared to the other Sesame Street characters, but very often this was the case.
Sesameplace oscar
2004 Sesame Place Prior to 2012, Oscar's trash can at Sesame Place was perched on top of building blocks.
Oscar Abby Treasure hunt
2007 Sesame Place Appears in the show Abby Cadabby's Treasure Hunt. This Oscar puppet is much smaller, and is operated by a stick mechanism inside the puppet.

Oscar (Elmo's Green Thumb) 1
2009 Elmo's Green Thumb Oscar walking while inside his trash can. Appears this way when making an entrance or leaving.

2012 Universal Studios Singapore Oscar makes his official debut as a walk-around character in 2012. Oscar walks with his trash can attached to his torso, and is able to crouch down and get up. As in his many illustrated appearances, he wears the lid on his head like a hat (other times he is seen without it).
2017 Let's Party! Oscar makes his debut as a walk-around character in Sesame Street Live in 2017. This variant's head shape is made in a more rounded, oval shape and does not wear the trash can lid on his head (the lid is attached behind the can instead).