DEBUT 1966

Ostrich Feathers appeared in a 1966 installment of The Mike Douglas Show, to demonstrate what Jim Henson could do with simple ostrich feathers.

Kitted out with eyes and moving thread-operated circular mouths, a trio of feathers lip synch to "Good Lovin'". A small feather (performed by Jerry Nelson) tries to join in, dancing wildly, but is pushed away. The small feather his revenge by bringing out a fan to blow his rivals away. This motif was similar to such sketches as Java.

In an unintended effect, however, described by Nelson at the Museum of Television and Radio "Muppet Rarities" event in 2003, the small feather got caught in the fan blades, leading to an improvised ending in which all the feathers return and bow.

The Feathers were also featured in a meeting film for Wilson’s Meats, chanting the slogan "Eat Wilson's Meats!"

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