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Uncle Travelling Matt exploring Outer Space.

Outer Space is what Fraggles call the world outside of Fraggle Rock where the Silly Creatures live. Therefore, whereas Doc's Workshop is considered to be part of Outer Space, the Gorgs' Garden is not.

Traveling Matt discovered the once-fabled Outer Space in the first episode of Fraggle Rock, "Beginnings," and has since spent much time exploring it. He regularly sends postcards detailing his adventures to his nephew Gobo.

Matt misinterprets everything he sees in Outer Space. For example, in the episode "The Garden Plot", Traveling Matt believes people roller blading and skateboarding are Silly Creatures who have evolved wheels on their feet. He sometimes believes that creatures that live in Fraggle Rock, like Gorgs for instance, also live in Outer Space.

Traveling Matt also often visits famous sights, such as Buckingham Palace. He also visits normal, everyday locations like subways and schools. He still, however, misinterprets everything.

For much of the series, the only entrance to Outer Space was through a Fraggle hole in the wall of Doc's workshop. Later in "Uncle Matt's Discovery," Matt and Gobo discover a magical cave with multiple portals to parts around the globe. This space was then established as The T. Matthew Fraggle Room.

In addition to Matt and Gobo, Red also became one of the few Fraggles to visit Outer Space in "Red's Blue Dragon" (though whether the area she visits is connected to our world is not addressed). In the series finale, all the main Fraggles venture out of the Fraggle hole into Outer Space.

In Fraggle Rock: Back to the Rock, Traveling Matt is once again the primary explorer of Outer Space, with Gobo making the regular visit to Doctor Doc's workshop to retrieve his correspondence. Late in the season in "Into the Trash," Cotterpin Doozer becomes the first non-Fraggle character to visit Outer Space.

At Free Comic Book Day 2010, Red Fraggle mentioned Mokey had wondered whether the Silly Creatures had an Outer Space to their own Outer Space. (YouTube)