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PERFORMER Carmen Osbahr
DEBUT 2008

Ovejita is a Spanish-speaking lamb friend of Murray Monster, who debuted on Sesame Street in Season 39 in the "Murray Has a Little Lamb" segments.

In the debut version of the segment, she would provide Murray with various clues as to what school they'd be visiting. She would typically translate them in Spanish. At the schools, she participates in the activities with the children and with Murray. Although she rarely speaks during these segments, she can frequently be heard giggling happily.

Beginning in Season 42, she started appearing in the "What's the Word on the Street?" and tune-in segments alongside Murray.

Following Joey Mazzarino's departure and the retirement of Murray after Season 46, Ovejita began to make solo appearances, most notably the street stories for Episode 4721, 4825, and 5008. She appeared throughout Sesame Street's 50th Anniversary Celebration, where she is seen playing guitar as part of a jazz quartet with Mama Bear, Herry Monster, and Hoots the Owl.

The Ovejita puppet was recycled as Baa-Baa in The Furchester Hotel episode "Power Cut."

Book appearances[]