Ozzie Alfonso is a Cuban-born television director who got his start on Sesame Street, first serving as a production assistant in season 3, and later served as post-production supervisor through 1980. He worked his way up to director, notably directing the on-location scenes in Episode 1316; the latter, when aired in prime-time as Sesame Street in Puerto Rico, earned Alfonso an Emmy Award nomination for Outstanding Individual Achievement in a Children's Program. He was also referenced, as an in-joke, in Episode 1708 as one of the campers, along with other production crew.

Alfonso's other Sesame credits include serving as associate director on the specials Christmas Eve on Sesame Street and Big Bird in China and directing celebrity segments on Shalom Sesame, such as those featuring Joan Rivers and Alan King. In 1981, Alfonso shifted to another CTW project, 3-2-1 Contact, serving as director, writer, and producer. Currently, Alfonso is president of Terra Multimedia, a company which has produced various educational projects, multimedia exhibits, and CD-Roms.

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