Nickles Department Store.

P.C. Nickles Department Store appears in a number of Sesame Street books. The store is bigger than Hooper's Store or any other establishment on Sesame Street, and carries clothes, toys, cookie jars, hats, and deceptively shaped soap.

Big Bird and Mr. Snuffleupagus visit Santa Claus there in I Can't Wait Until Christmas. Big Bird says that he wants a baseball bat and a visit from Granny Bird for Christmas; Snuffy wants a skateboard. Santa is squashed when Snuffy sits on his lap, but he comes through with the presents anyway.

Grover also visits the Nickles Santa, pushing his way through the line in Merry Christmas, Everybody!. Grover tells Santa that he wants a little red fire truck, and then rushes out the door, pushing over a shopper and spilling his presents onto the street. Always the well-behaved monster, Grover helps him pick them up before he runs off again.

The store's name is a reference to the JC Penney department store, which sold a popular line of Sesame Street clothes, shoes and accessories.