PBS promos are short promotional spots, often featuring the cast of Sesame Street. Similar to commercials on network television, they serve to advertise or raise awareness of the program and other ventures. Some promos feature the characters among characters from other PBS shows.

Picture Date Description
1969 Ethel Kennedy joins the cast on the stoop of 123 Sesame Street to promote the program.
1969 Pat Paulsen describes all one can learn by watching Sesame Street. He even shows how he's learned the alphabet, though not all the way through.
1969 Pete Seeger describes the importance of music and how it helps Sesame Street.
1969 Ruby Dee strolls down the street as she describes the importance of the program.
1970 Big Bird wants to mail his Granny Bird the teaching guides from the first season, but the grown-ups point out that they can be re-used as the show goes into summer re-runs. They allow him to mail his copies and will provide him with new ones upon his return.
1971 Gordon informs the viewer that some children don't have access to TV sets to watch Sesame Street. As a result, Channel 13 (WNET) will provide day care centers with television sets thanks to contributions from membership donations.
1971 Sitting on the stoop, Gordon and Susan discuss Channel 13's TV donation program.
1973 Big Bird promotes the new season as if it were a record album, showcasing clips from "Mad," "Count It Higher," "The People in Your Neighborhood" and "Doin' the Pigeon."
1973 Oscar doesn't want to hear anything about the new season of Sesame Street, so he puts on his noisy radio to avoid the local announcer.
1970s Kermit asks the viewer to contribute to their local station, and expounds on the costs for broadcast equipment. Each expensive item Kermit lists off is devoured by Cookie Monster when he's not looking (including a Teletape camera).
1978 Oscar tells the viewer the key to having a "rotten Christmas" is to miss the premiere of Christmas Eve on Sesame Street.
1987 Oscar is driving Telly and Grundgetta in the Sloppy Jalopy, when the car breaks down. Telly worries that this will affect the new season, but Oscar gets all the grown-ups to push from behind.
1989 In celebration of the show's 20th anniversary, Big Bird and Susan promote a contest to visit the Sesame Street set.
1991 The Two-Headed Monster sings "Happy Birthday to You" to Big Bird in anticipation for the special, Big Bird's Birthday or Let Me Eat Cake.
1992 Elmo conducts Telly, Rosita, Colambo and Polly Darton, who sing the "Sesame Street Theme" in front of a stock-footage audience. Their song is intercut with real people in the city singing along.
1993 Hoots the Owl delivers three steps of success over clips of the show, set to "Feel the Beat."

1993 Promoting the show's 25th anniversary, Elmo and Zoe discuss things they like to do.
1996 In the format of the show's timer sketches, Grover is asked to change the world in 15 seconds.
1997 Promoting the 29th season, Nathan Lane appears as the number 2, describing how he got to work on the show.
1998 PBS spot astronaut
1998 Upper and lowercase anthropomorphized letter "A"s tease that season 29 will feature words like astronaut (with an image of Slimey and his trip to the moon) and will help kids discover science.
2000s One "Be More" interstitial features Oscar the Grouch, Liam Neeson, Jane Kaczmarek, LeVar Burton, Jamie Lee Curtis, Virginia Madsen, Fred Rogers, Raquel Castro, characters from Between the Lions, Zoboomafoo, Clifford the Big Red Dog, Arthur, and a bunch of kids. The interstitial plays to the song "You Gotta Be" by Des'ree. In a later airing, the song would alternate with "Only You", performed by the "New Rhythm and Blues Quartet" (NRBQ). This interstitial was filmed and aired before Fred Rogers' passing in early 2003.
2000s Big Bird appeared in a one minute sequence in which he appears at the home of a child and ventures to the Berlin Wall, a landing on the Moon and other locations. The announcer says "TV can be a child's window to the world. What will they see?" Rachel Portman's score for The Cider House Rules is used.
2002 Promoting season 33, Bert walks around the street looking for Ernie, who appears upside-down on the top of the frame.
2002 Ray Romano explains how he uses the letters "h" and "a" to make people laugh.
2002 Oscar and Maria appear to discuss the social goals of PBS programming, but Oscar beats Maria in saying the whole speech. "What do you want from me? I'm a 'Type G' personality - G for 'Grouch'."
2004 Zoe appears with Al Roker about reading and imagining good thoughts.
2009 The interstitial plays the song "With My Own Two Hands", featuring newly recorded footage of the Count, among children and characters from other PBS shows. The video plays out in the style of a sing-a-long clip, displaying the lyrics at the bottom of the picture.
2009 Grover appears making a fort with a little girl out of bedsheets. (YouTube)
Sesame 2-600x429
2014 Elmo, Abby, Cookie Monster, Grover and Big Bird appear in a 2014 interstitial promoting the new afternoon, half-hour edition of Sesame Street. (YouTube)

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