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Pa gorg.jpg
PERFORMER Jerry Nelson face/voice
  Gord Robertson body
DEBUT 1983

Pa Gorg in Fraggle Rock: Back to the Rock

Pa Gorg is the patriarch of the Gorg family, and the self-proclaimed King of the Universe, on Fraggle Rock. He is married to Ma Gorg, and they have a son, Junior.

While seemingly bumbling at times, Pa Gorg has flashes of wisdom. In the episode "The River of Life," Pa immediately grasps the notion that if Boober can't fix the contaminated water, then everyone, Fraggle and Gorg alike, are doomed to die. He also shows some skill and efficiency at various tasks, namely bossing around Junior and avoiding whatever work Ma wants him to do.

Pa also has Fraggle-catching skills. In the episode "Red's Club," after using Red as a lure to retrieve Ma's handkerchief from the well, he easily catches the remaining Fraggles with a cage and remarks that one Fraggle is one thing, but five is another.

He also has a sense of honor. When all the leaves of the Nirvana Tree fall off, he briefly considers doing what his own father did (namely gluing a leaf back on the tree), but decides that he must do his duty and turn over the crown and the kingdom to Junior. He also shows this when he willingly holds to Junior's agreement with Wander McMooch in "Junior Sells the Farm," and with the fake Sir Hubris in "Sir Hubris and the Gorgs." On both occasions, he could have ignored his obligations, but decided to follow tradition and Gorgish honor and leave.

Pa does have some unsavory traits. He is loud and blustering. He is quick to argue and yell, especially at Junior -- so much so that promising not to yell is quite a tempting offer for Junior. He's scared of heights, as shown in "The Battle of Leaking Roof."

He can also be casually brutal towards the Fraggles. In "Bored Stiff," he doesn't care that the Fraggles have been affected by the Boredom Juice until he realizes that Junior has been affected as well. He is also quite warlike, willing to go to battle with enemies real or imagined at the drop of a hat. In "The Garden Plot," he is revealed to be the great-great grandson of the first Gorg king, King Gorgus the Great.

In Fraggle Rock: Back to the Rock, Pa is once again depicted as the King of the Universe. He is now performed by Frank Meschkuleit (voice and face) and Andy Hayward (body).