Elmo playing his Pac-Man clone.


Kermit does his impression of Pac-Man.


Pac-Man is an arcade game released in 1980, which is considered one of the most successful video games of all time. The game was among the first to deviate from the then-dominant genres of space shooters and rudimentary sports games, and allow the player to control a simple, cartoon-like character. The popularity of the game and the visual appeal of the Pac-Man character made the Pac-Man brand one of the first to be licensed for use in toys, an animated TV series by Hanna-Barbera, and other merchandise.


  • In Elmo's World: Teeth, Elmo plays a game similar to Pac-Man on his computer, but with the titular character replaced by a set of clacking teeth.
  • The 2012 direct-to-video special Elmo's Alphabet Challenge features a spoof of the game. A. B. C-more appears in the form of the ghosts and Elmo as Pac-Man, moving around the maze looking for various items beginning with different letters. Elmo makes a "muncha muncha" sound as he moves in lieu of Pac-Man's "wakka wakka" noise, which Elmo claims is merely a noise he makes when he's hungry.
  • A photo featuring Cookie Monster uploaded on Sesame Street's Tumblr page features a "Delete Cookies" parody of Pac-Man to promote the DVD release of Elmo's Alphabet Challenge.


  • Will Lee appeared in a 1982 TV commercial for the Atari 2600 version of Pac-Man.
  • Peter Cullen played Sour Puss in the animated Pac-Man TV series (1982)
  • Russi Taylor played Pac-Baby in the animated Pac-Man TV series (1982)
  • Frank Welker played various roles in the animated Pac-Man TV series (1982)
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