Episode111 (31)
PERFORMER Utkarsh Ambudkar
DEBUT 2016

Pache (who insists on spelling his name "Pizza") is a branding guru featured on The Muppets. Pache had previously been in charge of rebranding Key and Peele's show, with no success.

According to show-runner Kristin Newman:

"He's a branding guru. He's rebranded warlords and network presidents, and anyone you can think of. He comes in and wants to change up everything about the show. He wants to replace Fozzie with a YouTube star who makes noises with his mouth. He wants to just do terrible changes to the show, and Kermit's got to figure out a Muppety way to change "Up Late with Miss Piggy," in a way that's Muppety, which means turning to each other and the joy that they have backstage, and putting it onstage."[1]


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