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PERFORMER Justo Martinez
DEBUT 1972

Paco is a green parrot who appeared in the original run of Plaza SΓ©samo, the Latin American co-production of Sesame Street. He was the show's equivalent to Oscar the Grouch, whom he shares many characteristics with, especially his tastes in food: he has an affinity for "sardinas con miel" (sardines with honey). Paco usually appeared from inside a window.

Both Paco and Abelardo (Big Bird's Plaza SΓ©samo equivalent) were retired in 1981, and replaced by Montoya and Bodoque (the former would later be renamed Abelardo Montoya, while the latter was eventually dropped).

In the Spanish translation of the Sesame Street comic strip, Oscar is sometimes referred to as Paco, despite the two characters being a different species.