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Premiere November 2, 2008
Finale March 8, 2013
Network Nick Jr. (UK and Ireland), Sprout (US), Disney Junior (Brazil)
Seasons 2
Episodes 10 (shorts), 52 (series)

The Pajanimals cast

Pajanimals is a musical children's television series produced by the Jim Henson Company and Sixteen South Limited. The show centered around the musical adventures of four young animals preparing for bed. The characters were designed by Jeff Muncy and built by Jim Henson's Creature Shop.

Series History

Pajanimals, originally a Henson co-production with 4KIDS Entertainment, premiered on November 2, 2008, in the US (on PBS Kids Sprout). The series originally consisted of ten three-minute segments that aired on a rotating basis.

The shorts were designed to help comfort preschool viewers with bedtime themes and transitional issues such as separating from mom at the end of the day, healthy routines, sleeping through the night and being comfortable with the lights out.

In 2011, an order for new episodes in a half-hour time slot expanded the series to two eleven-minute segments, for a total of 26 broadcast episodes. The episodes debuted in October 2011. Henson and Sprout now co-produced the show with Sixteen South Limited in Northern Ireland.[1] Since the premiere of these episodes, the original shorts have not aired.

The series aired on Nick Jr. in its co-producing country, the United Kingdom.

The full series focused on issues of more general concern to a young audience, such as nervousness about a dentist's visit, or learning to share comfortably, but retained a backdrop of bedtime rituals.

On July 7, 2012, the show made its broadcast premiere in the US as part of NBC Kids, a Saturday morning programming lineup programmed by Sprout.[2]


Additional Characters (Series)

The Pajanimals with Jerry Bear.

Michael Winsor and Moon

  • Bedtime Bunny (Donna Kimball) - A bunny who oversees the Land of Hush; she often falls asleep in the middle of conversations.
  • Mr. Happy Birthday (Josh Elwell) - A porcupine who lives in Birthday Land and whose job is to oversee the birthdays of all the children in the world; he sometimes inadvertently pops balloons with his quills. He can never remember the collective name of the Pajanimals, referring to them by names such as "Pajalopies."
  • Moon (Michael Winsor) - A personification of the moon; the Pajanimals sometimes visit him and he performs the song "I'm Your Light in the Night Sky".
  • Jerry Bear (Victor Yerrid) - A friendly bear who lives in the Friendly Forest; he loves to give bear hugs and is always very excited to see the Pajanimals.
  • Otis the Owl (Paul Currie) - A very smart owl in the Friendly Forest, he can't help but give a loud hoot when he gets excited.
  • Coach Whistler (Paul Currie) - A coach from the Land of Play who is big on team spirit.
  • Ellie Octopus (Sarah Lyle) - An octopus who lives under the sea; she loves to give "octopus huggles," but is a bit scared of the Pajanimals at first.
  • Edwin the Magician (Paul Currie) - A magician who is always seen in a different job each time the Pajanimals visit him.
  • Granny Pearl (Donna Kimball) - A turtle who lives under the sea and enjoys bowling and tap-dancing.
  • Hank and Frank (Victor Yerrid and Paul Currie) - Beavers who live in the Land of Built It. They work together to build amazing wood structures.
  • Mom and Dad- The off-screen parents of the Pajanimals, heard in voice only. Mom performs the "La La Lullaby" song to help them fall asleep.



Episode Description
101 Stick to the Plan Sweetpea Sue helps her fellow Pajanimals to follow the steps in getting ready for bed -- first taking a bath, then brushing their teeth and finally putting on their pajamas. (YouTube)
102 Stay in Bed, Put on Your Sleepy Head Squacky has the squirmies and wants to get out of bed, but his fellow Pajanimals remind him that nighttime is for sleeping. (YouTube)
103 I Love to Love My Lovies The Pajanimals sing about their "lovies" that help them to get to sleep at night. (YouTube)
104 How Do I Know It's Morning Time? Squacky wants to get out of bed and play, but can't because it's not yet morning (which annoys all of the other Pajanimals). (YouTube)
105 Goodnight to Mom The Pajanimals sing fondly of their moms and imagine what they might be doing at night. (YouTube)
106 Sleeping Makes Me Feel Alright The Pajanimals sing a song about how sleeping at night help gives one enough energy for the next day. (YouTube)
107 What's That Sound? When Apollo is bothered by nighttime sounds, his friends help him to hear how the noises can become a soothing lullaby. The Pajanimals sing about sounds they hear at night. Squacky sings about water dripping in the bathroom, Sweetpea Sue sings the wind blowing through the leaves, and Apollo gazes out at the moon singing about the sounds all around them. (YouTube)
108 Lights in the Dark Apollo is afraid of the dark, so his fellow Pajanimals share with him the things that light their way at night. Squacky shows how he makes shadow puppets with his night light, while Sweetpea Sue sings about how the dark help calms and comforts her. (YouTube)
109 Let's Make Our Bodies Tired The Pajanimals do fun exercises to tire themselves out before bedtime - including a song where they "jiggle, jumble and jump". (YouTube)
110 A Scary Dream When Cowbella has a nightmare, the other Pajanimals try to calm her though song by explaining that it's just a dream, a "story in your head". (YouTube)
The Good Night Show: La La Lullaby The Pajanimals sing a soothing lullaby song before laying down for bed. (YouTube)


Season 1

Episode Description
101 Blankie in the Laundry Squacky's blankie accidentally gets stained and has to be washed overnight. When Squacky doesn't know what to snuggle with while blankie is in the wash, the Pajanimals turn to Bedtime Bunny for help.
102 A Super Sweet Night When the Pajanimals go out trick-or-treating, they return home with bags full of sweets. Their parents have told them to eat only once a day, but Cowbella can't resist temptation and consumes her entire bag in one go. Now Cowbella is so full of energy that it seems she may never get to sleep, so the Pajanimals visit Bedtime Bunny to try to find a way to calm her down.
103 Tomorrow is Brand New Apollo has been having a particularly bad day. First, he bumped his head while searching for Squacky's ball under the bed, then he found his rocket ship sheets were in the wash, and finally his block tower got knocked down. The Pajanimals all visit the Moon to help Apollo feel better. The Moon reassures Apollo that while things might seem bad now, a good night's sleep will help him to wash away the bad feelings of the day, and he'll feel better tomorrow.
104 Super Squacky The Pajanimals are headed to the movies tomorrow to see Fantastic Splash and Squacky is excited, very excited. He's so excited, in fact, that he really wants it to be morning right now. He manages to get to sleep, but wakes up well before morning, excited about the movie. The Pajanimals tell him it's not morning time and they all perform a shortened version of the "How Do I Know It's Morning Time?" song from the original shorts. Squacky, however, needs more help, so they all visit Bedtime Bunny. Together, they perform the "In the Land of Hush" song and Bedtime Bunny shares with Squacky a breathing and mental exercise to help him get to sleep.
105 The Not-So Great Outdoors After Squacky gets hurt outside today, he is scared of the great outdoors and will not go outside again. After a Bathtime Boogie, Squacky was still scared and the Pajanimals go over to the friendly forest, where they meet Jerry Bear.
106 Dream a Happy Dream After a game of Cowbella Says, Cowbella was scared that if she could not go to sleep, she might have a scary dream, so she and her fellow Pajanimals sing the short version of A Scary Dream (from the shorts) to remind her that it's okay to have a scary dream. Cowbella was still scared, so the Pajanimals go over to Jerry Bear, who helps her think of happy thoughts instead of scary thoughts.
107 A Colorful Problem Apollo and Cowbella each like the color purple and want a purple crayon. When Apollo and Cowbella don't want to share the same color, Squacky and Sweetpea Sue turn to Jerry Bear for help.
108 Night Will Sing Us to Sleep Sweetpea Sue is bothered by loud noises like Squacky playing his drums too loud. When a thunderstorm at night bothers Sweetpea Sue, the Pajanimals turn to Jerry Bear for help.
109 Missing Mom and Dad The Pajanimals have had a fun day of play, though Sweetpea Sue had a bit of an accident and scraped her arm. She's happy that Mom and Dad tended to it, but worried that something could happen to her in the night, when Mom and Dad aren't right there to help her. She thinks that she should sleep in Mom and Dad's bed, but this is against the rules. The other Pajanimals remind her that Mom and Dad are right down the hall, but she's still worried after they've gone to bed, and tries to sneak into Mom and Dad's bed. The Pajanimals all visit the Moon, and Sweetpea is reassured by both the idea of the Moon watching over her and that her parents really are nearby.
110 Light in the Sky Squacky has developed a fear of the dark even in his mind. When Squacky has a hard time sleeping because of this, the Pajanimals turn to the Moon for help.
111 Home Sweet Home The Pajanimals are preparing to go on a airplane to Aunt Tilly's house for a week tomorrow. When Sweetpea Sue is worried about leaving home, the Pajanimals turn to the Moon for help.
112 The Rocket Ride The Pajanimals are anxious to go to the Fun Park tomorrow. Apollo is the only one tall enough to ride the rocket ride when the others aren't close to his height. When this starts to bother him, the Pajanimals turn to Bedtime Bunny for help.
113 A Present for Mom The Pajanimals are excited to celebrate their Mom's birthday the next day. They all have their presents ready, all except for Apollo, who feels that the rocket ship painting that he's made Mom just isn't good enough. The Pajanimals visit with Mr. Happy Birthday in Birthday Land, who helps Apollo to see that Mom will like the painting because it was made by him and because of all the hard work that he put into it.
114 Happy Birthday, Sweetpea Sue The Pajanimals celebrate Sweetpea Sue's birthday.
115 Apollo's Special Day Cowbella was jealous when Apollo's birthday is tomorrow and doesn't feel like attending. The Pajanimals turn to Mr. Happy Birthday for help.
116 An Octopus Hug Sweatpea Sue is afraid of octopi. To help her get over her fear of octopi, the Pajanimals take Squacky's bed to the sea where they meet Ellie Octopus.
117 No Bath for Me Cowbella doesn't feel like taking a bath tomorrow. To help convince Cowbella change her mind, the Pajanimals turn to Ellie Octopus for help.
118 Share Day Share Day is at school tomorrow and Sweetpea Sue is nervous about sharing Daisy Puff with the class. When this continues to bother Sweetpea Sue, the Pajanimals turn to Ellie Octopus for help.
119 Puppy Love The Pajanimals are given a job by their parents to take care of the dog Fluffy for the next day. When the Pajanimals are unsure of how to take turns taking care of Fluffy, they turn to Coach Whistler for help.
120 Winning Isn't Everything Apollo is disappointed that he keeps losing every race. When this continues to bother Apollo, the Pajanimals go to Coach Whistler for help.
121 Try Try Again The Pajanimals are going to be taught how to play baseball tomorrow by their father. The problem there is that Apollo is nervous at the fact that he won't do well at baseball. To help Apollo with his problem, the other Pajanimals turn to Coach Whistler for help.
122 Game Day Squacky finds himself addicted to a hand-held video game. This proves to be a problem when the others Pajanimals want Squacky to play with them tomorrow, and Squacky has a hard time sleeping. The Pajanimals turn to Coach Whistler for help.
123 Under the Bed Squacky's new ball "Ballie" rolls under his bed, but he's afraid to go under the bed to get it due to a "monster living under the bed." He can't sleep, so the Pajanimals go to see Edwin (who is pretending to be a knight) to learn about facing their fears.
124 Queen for a Night Cowbella has been a little bit bossy lately yet claims that she wants the others to listen to her. The Pajanimals end up turning to Edwin (who is pretending to be a King) for help.
125 House of Pancakes Sweetpea Sue can't wait for pancakes on Saturday until the Pajanimals' mom announces at the last minute that they will have waffles tomorrow. When Sweetpea Sue is bothered by this, the Pajanimals end up turning to Edwin (who is pretending to be a chef) for help.
126 I'm Sorry, Really Sorry Cowbella accidentally gets paint on Sweetpea Sue's Daisy Puff which angers Sweetpea Sue. When Sweetpea Sue doesn't want to forgive Cowbella for this incident, Apollo and Squacky end up turning to Edwin (who is pretending to be the Royal Magician) for help and see that Edwin also has a problem when he accidentally turned the Royal Baker into a frog.

Season 2

Episode Description
201 Mom is Amazing With Mother's Day coming tomorrow, Sweetpea Sue wants the Pajanimals to do something super-special for Mom. They decide to clean up their room to surprise her and when this works out well, they decide to do all her jobs the next day, but begin to find themselves in over their heads. They decide to visit The Moon, who helps them come up with ideas for how to celebrate their mom.
202 Accidents Can Happen Cowbella is embarrassed after having an accident on the way to the bathroom, but Sweetpea Sue tells her that everyone makes mistakes. After another accident, though, Cowbella is very upset. Quite worried, she can't get to sleep, so the Pajanimals go under the sea and visit Granny Pearl the turtle. She assures Cowbella that sometimes some things take longer to learn than others.
203 Sing a Pajanimal Song When the Pajanimals form a band, Apollo keeps forgetting the lyrics to their new song and quits out of frustration. The Pajanimals visit Edwin in Storybook Land, who is playing King. Edwin advocates that Apollo practice so he can get better.
204 Time Out for Two When Squacky and Cowbella have a fight over a plastic guitar, Mom puts them in time out and sends them to their "calm down spots." It works and the two calm down. Sweetpea recommends that when they're mad, they use their words. When they go to bed, they worry that Mom is mad at the because she told them never to do things like hitting or pulling hair, which they did in their fight. They visit the Land of Hush and speak with Bedtime Bunny, who tells them that Mom gave them a time-out because she loves them and wanted to give them a chance to calm down, not because she was mad at them.
205 Let's Play Together When Apollo and Sweetpea Sue exclude Squacky and Cowbella from a card game, saying that it's a "big kids game," the two are hurt and angry. That night, the Pajanimals visit the Land of Play and talk with consult Coach Whistler. He helps Apollo and Sweetpea to see that games are only fun when no one is left out, especially when it's your family that wants to join in.
206 Team Fort Squacky and Apollo build their very own pillow fort. At first, Sweetpea and Cowbella don't want to play, but when they see how great the two boys's fort is, they want back the stuff they gave them to make it, so that they can build their own fort. Both groups are upset, so they visit the Land of Build It, where they meet up with the beavers Hank and Frank. They advocate teamwork in their building, showing them how they couldn't build the things they build if they didn't work together.
207 Pajanimal Dance Party When the Pajanimals find themselves in the unusual position of being fully ready for bed well before bedtime, Sweetpea Sue decides that they should have a Pajanimal Dance Party. They do her favorite dance - the Twirly Whirly, then Squacky's, the Pajama Freeze Dance. Cowbella's choice is the Jiggle Giggle Dance, but during the dance, Squacky and Cowbella bump each other's heads and get mad at each other. Apollo tells them that they need to end the fight, and they can do so by saying "I'm sorry" to each other. They do so, and sing a song about it. They then finish the party with Apollo's choice, the Pajarama Bounce. That night, the Pajanimals sing themselves to sleep with the full "La La Lullaby" song (as in the original shorts), rather than their mother performing the song.
208 Spooky Costumes The Pajanimals like to have fun trick-or-treating for Halloween, but Cowbella is scared of the spooky costumes. To help her, they visit Storybook Land and meet Edwin, who is pretending to be a knight. Cowbella talks with him, who tells her that being scared is part of the fun on Halloween. He suggests that if she gets too scared to just remember that they're only costume and the people wearing them are only kids. Even so, it's okay to be afraid sometimes. This reassures Cowbella and she comes to happily anticipate Halloween.
209 Off to My School Adventure The Pajanimals are excited that Apollo and Sweetpea Sue are attending school for the first time, but they also have worries, particularly Sweetpea Sue. What if they can't find the bathroom, and what if Cowbella has nothing to do when Sweetpea Sue is gone? They visit with Jerry Bear and Otis the Owl in the Friendly Forest, who help to assuage their fears.
210 Mind Your Manners The Pajanimals grandmother is coming over to eat their house, and this is a problem because the Pajanimals have forgotten their manners. They slurp, burp and don't act polite. They visit with Edwin the magician in Storybook Land, who is playing the role of a king, who teaches them proper manners.
211 The Dentist Jitters Sweetpea Sue's first visit to the dentist is tomorrow and she's a bit nervous and scared. The Pajanimals try thinking of happy thoughts to help her, but when she's still scared, they visit Edwin the Magician in Storybook Land. It just so happens that Edwin is pretending to be a royal dentist and he helps her to feel less nervous by showing her exactly what happens during a dentist's visit, with Apollo as a brave volunteer.
212 Off to Work They Go The Pajanimals are excited by the idea of visiting the park with Mom tomorrow, but upset when they learn that both Mom and Dad have to work and that Aunt Sally is coming to babysit. They try a twirly-whirly dance to cheer up, but when they still have concerns, they visit Hank and Frank in the land of Build It. The two beavers help them to see that without work, nothing would get done in the world, and that their parents are working for them - to give them a nice house to live in, food to eat, and nice pajamas. The Pajanimals appreciate this and realize that they could also have fun with Aunt Sally; she could even take them to the park.
213 Ouch When Apollo falls while scootering and gets a bad scrape, he decides that he's never going to scooter again. He's worried that he'll just get hurt again, but that night, he finds that he's sad. The Pajanimals visit Coach Whistler, who helps Apollo to see that while accidents like this can happen, it's worth the chance when you enjoy doing the activity.
214 Mountains of Messiness The Pajanimals have had fun building pillow and blanket mountains in their room, but things have become a great mess. Their mother tells them to clean up, but they decide it's not worth it since things will just get messy again. That night, Mom is annoyed with them and Cowbella can't find her Princess Lucy unicorn. They visit the Land of Build-It, where Hank and Frank help them to see why cleaning up their messes is important.
215 I Can Do it Better Apollo & Sweetpea Sue keep trying to out-do each other and Cowbella & Squacky are getting tired of their arguing. Sweetpea Sue manages to get them to stick to the plan when it comes to getting ready for bed, but the two nevertheless continue their game one-upmanship. The Pajanimals all visit the Land of Build-It, where the beavers Hank and Frank help Apollo & Sweetpea see that rather than trying to compete with each other, it's better for them to cheer each other's achievements.
216 Oops Squacky's been growing up in a lot of ways and tonight's an important night for him - his first time sleeping at night without a diaper. He's excited about being a big duck, excited enough to do his Squacky Dance. That night, though, before bed, he drinks a big glass of water, but doesn't want to get out of bed when he has to use the potty. Late at night, he wets the bed. His fellow Pajanimals help him to get clean and dry, but he feels sad and ashamed. They all travel to the Moon, who helps him to feel less ashamed, and gives him some tips to prevent it from happening again.
217 One Teacup, Two Friends Sweetpea Sue and Cowbella are excited that grandma has sent them each a real teacup that she had when she was a kid. Sweetpea's is red and Cowbella's blue, but Sweetpea is sad when hers arrives broken. Apollo suggests that Cowbella could share her teacup, but she doesn't want to, which makes Sweetpea angry. That night the Pajanimals visit the moon, and Sweetpea tells him about the problem. Cowbella realizes that she feels sad because Sweetpea is sad, and the Moon tells her that as family, they care about how each other feels. Cowbella decides that she's going to give Sweetpea her teacup to make her feel better.
218 The Wonderfully Different Squacky Lately, it seems as though the Pajanimals have been noticing a lot of things that Squacky does that are just... different. For example, he says "squalved" into "solved." He even dances differently from the other Pajanimals when doing Sweetpea's "Twirly Whirly" dance. Most of all, he has wings and webbed feet. They say that they like it, but Squacky is bothered by it and needs some help. The Pajanimals visit Granny Pearl the sea turtle in the ocean, and find her tap dancing in her shell. Squacky's never heard of such a thing, but she tells him that she's just a little different - everyone is. It would be boring if everyone was the same. Squacky realizes that he likes his wings, webbed feet, and those other things about him that are unique.
219 I Was a Baby Squacky is upset that it seems like the other Pajanimals can do so many more cool things than him, like tying their shoes, dressing themselves, and sliding down the big slide at the park. He feels that he can't do anything cool like they do. They try to cheer him up by telling him about the great things he can do, but he feels that they're all little kid things. Even thinking about happy thoughts doesn't help him, so the Pajanimals visit the ocean to find someone who can help Squacky. There, they meet with Granny Pearl, who helps Squacky to see how much he's grown and learned since he was a baby.
220 We're Going Camping The Pajanimals are excited - this weekend, they're going camping. That is, until Squacky, Sweetpea Sue and Cowbella learn that camping involves sleeping outside, and they're scared. Even their nighttime bath fails to calm them down, and they need some help. They have a nighttime visit to Otis and Jerry in the Friendly Forest, who tell them that they sleep outside at night every night. They have a lot of fun, playing with fireflies, and they remind the Pajanimals that even though they'll be outside, they'll be in a tent, sleeping with Mom and Dad. The Pajanimals are reassured that they'll have a wonderful adventure.
221 A Laugh a Minute Squacky is excited to show a new magic trick to his fellow Pajanimals, and upset when Sweetpea thinks that what he did do was funny. He didn't mean for it to be funny, but Sweetpea can't help but laugh, even late that night when they're in bed. She and Squacky both need help, so the Pajanimals visit Bedtime Bunny in the Land of Hush. Bedtime Bunny teaches Sweetpea that it's okay to laugh with someone, but never at them, and that she can tell how Squacky feels by observing his face and behavior.
222 No More Bullies When Apollo loses a game of "Cowbella Says," he decides that he doesn't want to play anymore. When Sweetpea Sue talks to him, he asks her seemingly out of nowhere if she thinks that his ears are too big. She wonders why and he explains that some kids at school said that they were, and that he's bad at playing games and they'll never let him play again. Sweetpea tells him that those kids don't know what they're talking about, and the other Pajanimals do too. This seems to cheer Apollo up, and so does a game of Pajanimal Freeze Dance. That night, though, Apollo admits to Sweetpea Sue that he doesn't want to go to school the next day, as the kids are mean to him every day and he doesn't know how to make them stop. The Pajanimals all visit Jerry Bear and Otis the Owl in the Friendly Forest. Jerry tells Apollo that the bullying is not his fault and shares some things that worked for him when he was bullied as a cub, including talking with parents and teachers about the problem.
223 Joy to the World The Pajanimals are celebrating Christmas. Apollo made a rocket to hang on the tree, Cowbella made a snowflake, and Squacky is excitedly wrapping presents. It's even started to snow, and they're excited about building snowmen. Squacky's thoughts have turned to giving away his old toys in anticipation of receiving the Fantastic Splash Super Sub Tub. The Pajanimals remind Squacky, though, that Christmas presents are always a surprise, and he begins to get worried and can't sleep. The Pajanimals decide to visit The Moon, who is dressed up in a Santa hat. Taking a look down the Earth below, the Pajanimals gain some perspective, and the Moon helps them to see that the excitement of Christmas is about more than just presents. Together, they all sing "Jingle Bells," and Squacky realizes he'll still be happy even if he doesn't get the Fantastic Splash Super Sub Tub.
224 Snow Business Squacky is delighted his new snow globe, but the Pajanimals wish that it was really snowing outside. Suddenly, it is. They get their snow gear to play outside in a hurry, but it's come time for bed, cutting off their chance for some snow fun. Worse, the snow comes to a sudden stop, and they worry that it will all be gone the next day. Sweetpea keeps them all to the plan, but they all still can't help but wish that they were outside playing in the snow, especially once it starts falling again. They take a balloon ride to the Land of Hush and speak with Bedtime Bunny, who tells them that waiting is a part of life. At the moment, there isn't yet enough snow for them to do any fun things like build a snowman or go sledding, but there will be in the morning. They realize that good things do come to those who wait, and snow fun will be waiting for them in the morning, after a good night's rest.
225 The Cow's Meow When Sweetpea Sue and Cowbella play a game of house, Sweetpea Sue insists that Cowbella must be the puppy, but Cowbella really wants to be a kitty. Sweetpea Sue won't even accept Cowbella's compromise of being a puppy that meows, and insists that Cowbella can't play if she won't do it her way. The Pajanimals decide to try something they can all do, a Twirly Whirly dance, but Cowbella meows throughout the dance, aggravating Sweetpea. That night, both are angry with each other, so the Pajanimals all visit the Friendly Forest to speak with Jerry Bear and Otis the Owl. The two give the Pajanimals an example of how they play together and Cowbella and Sweetpea work out their argument.
226 Special Things The Pajanimals have been having fun playing some imaginative games, but the fun comes to a halt when Apollo wants to use Squacky's blankie as a sail in a game of pirates, but Squacky doesn't want to share it. He says that Apollo can use anything else of his, but he cannot have blankie. The argument is set aside for bathtime, but that night, Apollo's feelings are hurt that Squacky wouldn't share his blankie. The Pajanimals take a trip under the sea and visit with Granny Pearl, who's been making seaweed cookies. Apollo cites this as an example of sharing with friends being good, but is surprised when he offers to pass the plate, and Granny Pearl states that she doesn't let anyone else handle the plate. She asks the Pajanimals if they each have their own special things that they take care of and together they perform a variation of the "I Love to Love My Lovies" song from the original shorts. Apollo realizes that sometimes there some things that are just too special to share, even with your best friend.


The series (and shorts) feature original songs written by Michael and Patty Silversher, with lyrics by Alex Rockwell and Judy Rothman.

The program's theme song features the Pajanimals and Mom singing about the fact that they are "ready for beddy-bye". Each character is introduced as the song shows them getting ready for bed. The theme song did not air as part of the original shorts, but a modified version, sung only by the mother, is included in the series.

The series features a number of new songs, including "I'm Your Light in the Night Sky" by The Moon, and in some cases repurposed versions of the ones from the original shorts, customized to fit the themes of the series.


A scheduled 2013 50-city stage show, Pajanimals Live, produced by Red Light Management,[3] was cancelled.[4]



On August 3, 2009, the soundtrack was released exclusively on on CD and for digital download.[5]

Track Listing:

  1. Pajanimals Theme Song
  2. Night Will Sing us All to Sleep
  3. Lights in the Dark
  4. La-La-Lullaby
  5. Jiggle Jumble Jump
  6. Scary Dream
  7. Stick to the Plan
  8. Sleepy Head
  9. Nighttime Playtime
  10. Goodnight to Mom
  11. Ode to Sleep

DVD releases

Plush toys

Plush Toys

Plush toys of each of the main characters, manufactured by Tomy, were available in multiple sizes, including 15".[6][7]

Story Mat


  • Snuggle Up Story Mat - A mat that features each of the characters, includes a soft book that transforms into a pillow[6]


A total of six different book releases were released on August 27, 2013-- Cowbella and the Bad Dream, Sweet Pea Sue Misses Mom and Dad, It's Apollo's Special Day, Apollo Has a Bad Day, Squacky Is Afraid of the Dark and Sweet Pea Sue Makes a New Friend. An additional title, Squacky and the Gift of Christmas, was released on September 24.[8] Two additional titles, Let's Bundle Up and Go!: A Lift-the-Flap Guessing Game[9] and No Fun Without Sleep!: A Lift-the-Flap Story[10] were released on July 15, 2014.



Pajanimals La La Lullaby

Executive Producers: Halle Stanford, Jeff Muncy, Alex Rockwell, Lisa Henson; Brian Henson (shorts)
Created by: Jeff Muncy and Alex Rockwell
Directed by: David Gumpel (shorts)
Sprout Executive Producer: Andrew Beecham (series)
Executive in Charge of Production: Lisa O'Brien (series)
Produced by: Chris Plourde (shorts); Colin Williams (series)
Music Composed by: Michael and Patty Silversher
Lyricists: Patty Silversher, Alex Rockwell, Judy Rothman Rofè
Musical Arrangements/Audio/Post Sound by: Dino Herrmann (shorts)
shorts: Alice Dinnean, Donna Kimball, John Kennedy, Victor Yerrid
series: Donna Kimball, Sarah Lyle, Michael Winsor; Victor Yerrid (season 1), Olly Taylor (season 2)
Puppet Captain: John Kennedy (shorts), Victor Yerrid (series)
Puppet Wranglers: Marian Keating (shorts); Mike Smith, Anna McCaughtry (series)
Creative Supervisor: Jason Weber (series)
Puppets by Jim Henson Creature Shop:
shorts: Connie Peterson, Rollie Krewson, Tom Newby, Jason Weber
series, puppet build: Rollie Krewson, Ann Marie Holdgruen, Tom Newby, Tim Legasse, Anney Ozar, Heather Asch, Constance Peterson, Polly Smith
Character Design: Jeff Muncy (series credit only)
Assistant Puppeteers: Paul Currie, Lesa Gillespie, Francine Woods (series), Beccy Henderson (series)
Content/Curriculum Consultants: Sleepy Planet/The Sleepeasy Solution (shorts); Jill Spivack and Jennifer Waldburger (series)
Vocal Director: Neil Martin (series)
Story Editor: Alex Rockwell (series)
Production Designer: Jim Dultz (shorts), Shane Bunting (series)
Art Department: Nigel Pollock, Lauren Young, Sian Alaw Jones, David Carson, Sarah Speers (series)
Director of Photography: Dave A. Barrett (shorts), Peter Jones (series)
Editor: David Gumpel (shorts)

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