The Muppets for Pampers 1984 TV commercial

The Muppets for Pampers 1984 TV commercial

Pampers diapers commercial with Muppets

Pampers is a brand of baby products marketed by Procter & Gamble. Pampers were first introduced in 1961.

Muppet Babies Dolls

In 1984, Hasbro produced a set of two Muppet Babies plush toys as a premium for Pampers diapers, featuring Baby Kermit and Baby Piggy.

Sesame Street

Pampers has been marketing diapers and other baby products with Sesame Street characters on them since 2000. The diapers originally came in 16 designs, featuring Big Bird, Elmo and Cookie Monster.[1]

Pampers Baby Dry began sponsoring Sesame Street and Plaza Sésamo in 2005.[2] Pampers began sponsoring the Sesame Street Podcast in 2007. To launch their 3-Way Fit diapers in 2011, they held a Facebook contest called 30 Days of Play & Giveaways; the new diapers included images of Oscar the Grouch, for the first time ever.[3]

Pampers products featuring Sesame Street characters include:

Plaza Sésamo CDs

In 2007, Cosar Editores produced a set of six CDs for Plaza Sésamo as a premium for Pampers diapers in Chile.

Other connections

The stage show Iftah ya Simsim: Treasure Hunt, in Saudi Arabia, was sponsored in part by Pampers.


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