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PERFORMER Odín Dupeyrón 1993-2009
  Alfonso Soto 2010-present
DEBUT 1993
DESIGN Ed Christie designer

Pancho Contreras is the Grouch-like character in Plaza Sésamo, the Mexican co-production of Sesame Street. He appears in the Street segments of the show, assorted inserts, and also has his own segment, "Pancho Visión". Pancho has a strong obsession with his favorite food, onions (much to the disgust to the other Plaza citizens). And much like Telly Monster, his favorite shape is the triangle. He is also a skilled cello player. An animated version of Pancho can be seen in the background of one of the safety PSA's starring Grover.

Sesame Workshop description

Pancho Contreras (Pancho) is a furry blue character with yellow eyes and big brown eyebrows who enjoys being different. Pancho likes traveling, playing the cello, and participating in anything extreme: sports, music, games, singing, and eating. He frequently says: "I’m very busy because I’m very busy. I don’t have time." He is fond of his collection of triangles and other unusual objects, but truly adores his pet Elefancio (an elephant’s trunk). Pancho is a little egocentric, and he doesn’t like to lose. Pancho has a strong sense of pride and self-esteem. He knows how to read and write and also knows that Abelardo admires him greatly. He loves the attention because at heart he is insecure and very sensitive. Birthday: June 6

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