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The Panel Discussions was a recurring sketch on The Muppet Show during the first season. They featured Kermit the Frog, the guest star, and other Muppets. They were supposed to "raise the intellectual level" of the show, but in fact, they always turned into mess, and they often used to end in clashes, battles or confusions.


Kermit's panel consists of Gloria Goodbody (played by Ruth Buzzi), Sam the Eagle, Miss Piggy, and a generic male pig. Sam and Gloria focus a bit too much on physical fitness. Next week's topic is "Crowd Control."
Kermit's guests include Tiffany Gonzales (played by Rita Moreno), Miss Piggy, Brewster the Guru, and a whatnot. Tiffany's Spanish accent causes Miss Piggy to argue with her. Next week's topic is "Improving US-Latin American Relations."
Kermit is joined by Florence Henderson, Miss Piggy, Floyd Pepper, and Brewster. Miss Piggy misunderstanding the topic, takes offense, and the unexpected coming of the Bouncing Borsalino Brothers disturbs the discussion. Next week's topic is "Do attack dogs make good house pets?" Muppy appears and attacks Kermit. (Note: This is the first panel where a guest plays herself.)
Kermit is joined by Mildred Huxtetter, Hilda, Sam the Eagle, and Gonzo. Gonzo takes everything literally (at Sam's expense), and the discussion ends in a general clash when Gonzo, misunderstanding the phrase "knock it off", hits violently Sam with his mallet. Next week's topic is "What are we doing here?" (Note: This is the only panel discussion that doesn't feature a guest star.)
Kermit is joined by Harvey Korman, Miss Piggy, a pig, and a Whatnot. Harvey thinks the meaning of life is a tennis game. Miss Piggy disagrees with this point of view, and the ensuing quarrel between Harvey and Piggy takes actually the appearance of a verbal tennis game, followed by the other participants. Next week's topic is "Is Conversation a Dying Art?"
Kermit's guests include a psychiatrist named Dr. Kurt Von Frong (played by Peter Ustinov), Miss Piggy, and Cynthia Birdley. Cynthia constantly interrupts the psychiatrist with silly remarks.
Kermit's panel includes a travel guide author named Clara Cartwell (played by Candice Bergen), Miss Piggy, Sam the Eagle, and Mildred Huxtetter. Mildred and Miss Piggy fight throughout the panel.
Vincent Price chooses the guests, who are Pierre LaCousse (one of the world's great chefs) and Gorgon Heap (one of the world's great eaters). The topic is gourmet dining, because Vincent is just as good a cook as he is a horror film star. Gorgon Heap eats everything (including Pierre), and when Kermit asks for help, Gorgon starts eating Kermit as well. (Note: This is the only panel where Kermit doesn't wear a tuxedo.)


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