Parkinson expresses his undying love for Miss Piggy.

Parkinson kerhenson

Jim Henson and Kermit.

Parkinson was a talk show that ran on BBC One, hosted by Michael Parkinson.

Jim Henson, Frank Oz, Kermit the Frog, Fozzie Bear and Miss Piggy were interviewed on 18 November 1978 and may have aired on April 16th, 1979. They had a similar appearance earlier in 1977 on Russell Harty.

Jim and Frank talk about Fozzie’s voice changing and the change of character. Frank says that Animal has five feelings “food, pain, sex, sleep and money you don’t touch him he’ll eat a car”. Just last week finished shooting Muppet Movie. Jim talks about shooting test footage. Parkinson interviews Kermit about flirting with guests. Fozzie comes on asking Michael to “please be kind”. Fozzie asks Michael if he is wearing a toupee. Fozzie does his “hat schtick” which involves him taking his hat off and throwing it in the air. Kermit tells Fozzie that he needs Gags Beasley, they do the ‘herd of cows’ routine with Fozzie warning “we haven’t rehearsed this!”. Before leaving Fozzie remarks “I’m just gonna wait here until I get bored. Talk to the Frog, he’s the green one.” Jim and Frank talk about whether they should appear alongside their puppets, and how they don’t want to break the illusion. Miss Piggy arrives as Kermit talks about their relationship. She instantly flirts with Parkinson saying he has “bedroom eyes, well dining room eyes anyway”. Piggy has spoken to his wife and has heard that he has great legs. Kermit shows off his legs and Piggy encourages Michael to show his. Michael asks if he can stroke Piggy’s hair to which she replies “Don’t stop there!”. Rolf Harris sings a frog song to Kermit.

Statler and Waldorf comment at the end of the show "Who is this Russell Parkinson anyway? Better than our show!" this scene was recorded on the Muppet show set, with the hecklers in their box.

During the character interviews, the cameras cut Henson and Oz out of frame so that the home viewer could not see them performing, save for one brief establishing shot pictured here.

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