Paul Friedrcihs on Spannagl & Sohn

Paul Friedrichs was a German voice actor who dubbed the speaking voice of Dr. Teeth on Die Muppet Show (The Muppet Show), a role also filled during the run by Heini Göbel. He was later heard on Jim Hensons beste Geschichten (The StoryTeller) as the card trick beggar in "The Soldier and Death."

Friedrichs was frequently heard in German dubs of kung fu movies (often as old men) and dubbed Peter Sellers in I'm All Right Jack. He was part of Eberhard Storeck's stock company, playing various roles in the Pinocchio and Heidi anime series as well as The Pink Panther components. He was heard periodically on radio between 1948 and 1992, and for home audio releases, he voiced policeman Dimpfelmoser in the Robber Hotzenplotz series and was heard in two Sherlock Holmes adventures. On-camera work included episodes of the sitcom Spannagl & Sohn and the crime series Der Anwalt (starring Wolfgang Kieling).

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