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Paul McGinnis Sesame Street Photo Ambulance Driver Richard Termine.jpg

McGinnis (far left) puppeteering on Sesame Street

Matt Vogel, Tyler Bunch, Paul McGinnis, Joey Mazzarino, Frank Oz, and John Kennedy filming the Mad Men spoof for Sesame Street

Steve Whitmire and Paul McGinnis performing Ernie

McGinnis appearing on-camera in "A Lovely Sunny Day."

Happy Feet performed at The Muppets Take The Bowl. Kermit performed by Matt Vogel, Alice Dinnean, and Drew Massey. Bobby Moynihan. Bobby Moynihan's huge Kermit legs performed by Paul McGinnis.

Paul McGinnis (b. July 23, 1973) has been a puppeteer on Sesame Street and on various Muppets and Henson projects since 2001. He performs Clem, Karli's foster dad, in a series of Sesame outreach videos on foster care.

He is married to Haley Jenkins.

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