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Sloppy jalopy set photo 2009

Rudolph in Oscar's Sloppy Jalopy on the Sesame set in 2009

Paul Rudolph serves as the Vocal Music Director and a composer for Sesame Street. He began working as the Studio Music Director on the series in 2008 during Season 40. He has taken on additional roles as Music Editor and ADR Mixer. His composing credits for the show include "Guess the Seasons Song," "Bike Sounds Song," and "Just Like the Birdies Do."

He has composed music for non-broadcast Sesame projects, including several videos for the blog Sesame Family Robinson.

He is married to Sesame Street puppeteer Leslie Carrara-Rudolph. The two met on the set of Muppets Tonight, where he served as music coordinator for the first season. He also was music director for Jerry Nelson's album, Truro Daydreams, and served as "drum tech" for Animal and Dave Grohl's drum battle in The Muppets episode "Going, Going, Gonzo" (responsible for resetting their respective drum kits when they're torn apart).[1]

Rudolph has also served as the vocal music director for the Jim Henson Company series Julie's Greenroom, and vocal coach for the Sesame Workshop series Helpsters.


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