Pawn Stars Wilkins puppet

"Is that Wontkins?"

Pawn Stars Rudy Bear puppet

"Rudy Bear" in the episode "Another Christmas Story"

Pawn Stars is a reality series airing on the History Channel since 2009. The series is filmed at the World Famous Gold & Silver Pawn Shop in Las Vegas, operated by the Harrison family.


  • In the season eight episode, "Truly Trivial," Austin "Chumlee" Russell uses a book of trivia to try and stump shop owner Rick Harrison. One question concerns Cookie Monster's real name. Rick responds, "Sid," to Chumlee's bewilderment.
  • The 23rd episode of season twelve, "Pawn Brothers", features a man named Chris looking to sell a Wilkins puppet found at an auction in Pennsylvania. He's hoping to get $650 for it. Rick Harrison offers some information about the Wilkins Coffee ads, but admits he has no idea how much it's worth, so he brings in Johnny Jimenez, owner of Toy Shack in Las Vegas. Johnny claims the piece is worth $150, Rick offers Chris $100, but Chris declines. The episode also features a trivia card about Jim Henson originally having been offered the role of Yoda, and ends with some banter between Rick and his sons about which grumpy Muppet he'd be: one of the old guys in the balcony, Sam the Eagle, or Oscar the Grouch. (video)
  • The season eight episode "Another Christmas Story", features a man named David selling "Rudy Bear," a puppet that was built by the Jim Henson Creature Shop for a proposed TV series. David wants $10,000 to pawn him, but Rick tells him he can only offer $500, due to the fact he's not an original Muppet. David and Rick agree on $1,000. (YouTube)
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