DEBUT 2009

Peck is a fairy-chicken featured in the Sesame Street segment Abby's Flying Fairy School. She plays minor roles in various episodes.

In one episode, Abby, Blögg and Peck grow their own flowers, but Gonnigan has no luck, even when trying to shove Puck in his pot. His friends convince him to use magic to make it grow. He uses his "Gigantic Spell" and turns the plant into a large beanstalk that stretches to the sky, with Peck hanging on. Mrs. Sparklenose has them poof to the top to retrieve her. Once at the top, they discover a giant using Peck as a tiny feather duster. They try to communicate, but they are not heard. They call Spot, who shows them images of ears. Abby makes Gonnigan perform his spell again, so they can be giants and talk to him. They grow to be as big as the giant and swap Peck for a large feather duster. Once back down in the classroom, they find Niblet has grown large by eating parts of the beanstalk.

The voice of Peck usually is Tyler Bunch. Occasionally, she would be voiced by Joey Mazzarino or Leslie Carrara-Rudolph.

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