PERFORMER Leslie Carrara-Rudolph
DEBUT 2014

Penelope Penguin is an enthusiastic penguin who is Big Bird's pen pal. She appears for a visit in episode 4505 of Sesame Street.

When meeting Big Bird's friends, Penelope very easily lets her excitement get the best of her. Elmo, Telly and Rosita invite her to play basketball with them, but during the game, she dunks the ball instead of passing it to the other players. Later, when the gang is treated to ice cream, Penelope decides to top everyone's ice cream with fish because she loves eating it that way, and then devours them all. This displeases the others who leave in a huff. Chris teaches Penelope how to control her enthusiasm, reminding her to "Stop and Think" about her actions when trying to make friends. She then reconciles with her new Sesame Street friends, who admit that they've been overly enthusiastic at times as well.

Penelope originated from the penguin that appeared in the "Elmo the Musical" segment, "Airplane the Musical."[1]


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