Perry Como, Julie Andrews, and friends in a promo photo for Julie on Sesame Street

American pop crooner Perry Como (1912-2001) hosted a weekly television variety show, which under different names and sponsors ran from 1948 to 1963, and then as a monthly series until 1967. Afterwards, Como continued to appear in seasonal specials, many of which took place in exotic climates. Como is remembered for his Christmas specials, which were an annual event through 1994.

He recorded "Sing" on his 1973 album And I Love You So.

The Muppets appeared on Perry Como's Kraft Music Hall in December 1965, performing a sketch about five Reindeer. King Goshposh, Featherstone and the Country Trio appeared on Como's 1972 special The Perry Como Winter Show.

Como also appeared on the 1973 prime-time special Julie on Sesame Street.

Como's "Magic Moments" can be heard in the Creature Shop film The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy.

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