Pet Home Video was a concept Jim Henson had in the late-1980s for a collection of 12-minute videos centered on pets.

Henson wrote a memo about the series, stating

“Pet Home Video is an incredibly silly idea. And I’m determined to do it. We’re aiming for an early summer release with the videos, which will be about 12 minutes long and priced inexpensively enough to make them an ideal novelty gift. Each segment will be less than 60 seconds, and will be introduced with a brief graphic, and probably, a voice-over. We’ve chosen Bob Bromberg [Henson Chief Financial Officer] as the spokesman for Pet Home Video, and it will probably be his voice. It’s all intended to be remarkably funny and dumb. It will look like the project of a sincere group that has no funding: a down and dirty production.”[1]


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