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Ortiz's design for The Great Big Book of Stinky

Pete Ortiz has been a graphic artist on Sesame Street since season 22, and was first credited in season 25. Along with Mike Pantuso, Ortiz designs logos, decals, movie posters, magazines, scripted storybooks, and product packaging for the series.

Ortiz has also designed props (e.g. CinderElmo's Castle, Trash Gordon's space ship, Grump Tower, the worm circus arena) and has drawn crayon pictures for Elmo, Big Bird and Snuffy, among others. Ortiz also designed animated characters for the "Elmo's question" portion of Elmo's World, as well as both animated and actual fish bowl props.

A notable showcase of Ortiz's work for Sesame Street can be seen in Episode 4504, where Ortiz designed the logo for the Numeric Con banners (based on the actual Comic-Con logo), as well as logos for all of the superhero characters (Fiverine, The Fantabulous Four, and Sevengers).

In addition to his graphics work, Ortiz provided the voice of the Hispanic shop owner for the animated "Madlenka" segments from season 35, and animated "Finger Painting Counting to 17 and 19" for the international market. Ortiz also worked with the International Partners providing specific graphics for their region.

Outside of Sesame Street, Ortiz has also worked on various college theatres and off Broadway productions as well as on Blue's Room, Between the Lions Johnny and the Sprites, Whoopi's Littleburg, and Where in the World Is Carmen Sandiego?. He currently works in the Pacific developing kid books and kid friendly museums.

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