PERFORMER Roger Bart Moth monster
  Jonathan Freeman Lizard monster
DEBUT 2000

Pete and Joe are a pair of giant monsters who are recurring characters in the Sesame English series. The two creatures, based heavily on Japanese movie monsters Godzilla and Mothra, appear in their own recurring segment, "The Adventures of Pete and Joe."

Set in an abstract cityscape, the two monsters typically argue over an activity to do. The sketch is punctuated by a musical score, which the monsters choose to dance to instead.

The characters appeared outside of their segment on two occasions - in "What's Your Favorite Sport?" (invading Tingo and Niki's studio) and "Niki's Big Surprise" (appearing in the airport). The two are also glimpsed in the series' opening sequence - as Tingo's flight arrives in New York City, the Mothra-type monster is seen flying over the city as the Godzilla-esque monster traipses through the Hudson River.

Segment appearances