Peter Friedman (b. 1949) is an actor who puppeteered on The Muppet Show, appearing in five episodes in the first season and five more (one uncredited) during the show's third season. While he often performed minor roles (usually singing) and right-handing, his most notable performance on the series was as the Seven-foot-tall Talking Carrot who sang "I Am the Very Model of a Modern Major General" with Gilda Radner. He also spent a brief stint on Sesame Street during Season 8 and Season 9, as the back end of Mr. Snuffleupagus.[1]

Before and after his Muppet work, Friedman performed on Broadway in New York, understudying and playing supporting roles in such 70s productions as The Visit and Don Juan. In more recent years, he has played leading roles in Ragtime (receiving a Tony Award nomination for originating the part of Tateh) and Twelve Angry Men. TV work includes appearances on Miami Vice, Without a Trace, and Law & Order; and film credits include such semi-independent films as I Shot Andy Warhol and I'm Not Rappaport (with Walter Matthau).

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