Peter Marinker is a voice actor who has worked extensively in England, the United States, and Canada, in all media. He was heard as an ensemble voice in the Creature Shop productions Labyrinth (as one of the goblins) and The StoryTeller episode "The Soldier and Death" (as one of the Devils).

Marinker's extensive voice credits include numerous BBC radio plays and poetry readings, from Dirk Maggs' Batman: Nightfall (as Bane) to a man tortured by his own tax forms in the 2006 play The Wire. In animation, Marinker has dubbed several Japanese animated series, and dubbed Julius Caesar in the live-action film Asterix and Obelix vs. Caesar. A prolific narrator of audiobooks, from Shane to The House of Seven Gables, he has also appeared on camera in the movies Nightbreed, Judge Dredd, and United 93. Marinker is also a founding member of the Godot Company, a theater group devoted to performing the work of Samuel Beckett. Other members included fellow Labyrinth voice Anthony Jackson.

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