Peter Michael (b. 1975) is a Portuguese voice actor who dubbed Count von Count (Conte de Kontarr) and others on Brinca Comigo (Play with Me Sesame). He also dubbed characters in Os Marretas (The Muppets).

Born in Germany, Michael has spent his career in Portugal, appearing on telenovelas (starting as a teenager) and dramas like Inspector Max, but working primarily in dubbing. He dubbed Daniel Radcliffe in two Harry Potter movies, the White Rabbit in the Tim Burton Alice in Wonderland movies, Jason Dolley on Good Luck Charlie, and Tom Cavanagh in Yogi Bear. Cartoon roles include Brock on Pokemon, Alvin on The Chipmunks and in the movies, Dr. Doofenschmirtz on Phineas and Ferb, Sid in the Ice Age movies, Wheezy the penguin in Toy Story 2, Agent J on Men in Black, and Grandpa Simpson and others in The Simpsons Movie.

Muppet dub credits