Peter Röders inside Samson.


Röders (right) rehearsing with Caroll Spinney (Big Bird) and Uwe Friedrichsen on the set.


Röders on the 2013 documentary Als die Sesamstrasse nach Deutschland kam.

Peter Röders is a German puppet builder and performer who originated the role of Samson on Sesamstrasse, from 1977 until 1983. Röders' wife, Kerstin Siebmann-Röders, was the original performer of Tiffy. Röders' puppet company, Fabula-Filmpuppen, also built the character Uli von Bödefeld for the show.

His character of Samson was later taken over by Herbert Langemann (1986), Matthias Bullach (1989) and Klaus Esch (1992), who has performed the bear ever since.

In 2013, Röders appeared in the documentary Als die Sesamstrasse nach Deutschland kam ("When Sesame Street Came to Germany"), talking about his experience working on the show.

Röders' other puppet design credits include Twipsy, the mascot for Expo 2000; The Swedish Chef for a Junior Toys presentation; and full-bodied versions of German TV puppet Bernd das Brot for a stage show.

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