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PERFORMER Carsten Morar-Haffke
DEBUT 2000
DESIGN Ed Christie designer
  Rollie Krewson builder

For the the series' 40th anniversary, Pferd got a full body costume for public shows and performances.

Pferd is a horse character from Sesamstrasse, the German co-production of Sesame Street. He was added to the cast in 2000 as a "comedy character."

Pferd is a dimwitted black-and-white-spotted horse. He has a big appetite for carrots, but eats almost anything. His best friend is Wolle the sheep. Together, they're the comic duo on Sesamstrasse. The two would later become the focus of their own spin-off, Eine MΓΆhre fΓΌr Zwei.

Pferd is performed by Carsten Morar-Haffke. He and Martin Paas (Wolle's performer) are also the writers of the Pferd & Wolle scenes, and they wrote the 30th Anniversary special.

The channel "Das Erste" ran a profile on Pferd during the programming block "Check Eins", were he answered some questions. His favorite stars include Black Beauty the horse, Flipper the dolphin, Skippy the bush kangaroo, Lassie the dog and Charlie the chimpanzee. His hobbies include eating, eating and eating. His best experience was when he discovered the perfect carrot; it was very juicy, very orange, and it was delicious. Favorite animals include Shetland ponies, MΓΌnsterlΓ€nder horses, Haflinger horses, Arabian horses, black and white horses and sheep. To the question about what his most embarrassing moment was, he replied that he can't recall ever doing anything embarrassing; afterwards he walked right into the camera. His dream job would be a Nobel Prize award winner, however he is unsure about what such a person actually does.

In 2013, he received a loved interest in donkey Marie, though she only appeared in one episode.


  • The German word "Pferd" means "horse."
  • The character's birthday is March 19.[1]