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PERFORMER Dave Goelz Philo
  Richard Hunt Gunge
DEBUT 1983
DESIGN Michael K. Frith designer
  Jane Gootnick builder

Richard Hunt with Gunge.

Dave Goelz with Philo.

Gunge, as seen on The Hub (where he was mistaken for Junior Gorg).

Gunge repurposed in the Dinosaurs episode "The Howling".

Philo and Gunge are Marjory the Trash Heap's two rat-like companions on Fraggle Rock. The two live in the garbage pile with Marjory and act as her shills or barkers, announcing her ceremoniously to visiting Fraggles with alternating phrases: "You are in the presence of..." "The all-knowing..." "Trash Heap! Nyaaaah!"

The pair are nearly identical in appearance. However, Gunge is gray and has only one tooth, while Philo is pink and has two teeth. The pair are rarely seen apart, and usually serve minor comic-relief roles; however, they were featured more prominently in a handful of episodes. In "Home Is Where the Trash Is," for example, Philo and Gunge seek their home, and their origins and ties to Marjory are more fully explored. Also, in "Gunge the Great and Glorious," Gunge is accepted by the Doozers as their long-lost king (until a jealous Philo alters the teeth on the ancient portrait). As revealed in "Home Is Where the Trash Is," the two, through means unknown even to themselves, are responsible for Margory's very existence - she was nothing more than a simple pile of compost until their arrival, after which she sprung to life.

The duo's famous "Nyaaaah!" came from Richard Hunt, who made up the famous phrase during one of the auditions.

After Fraggle Rock, Philo appeared in the Jim Henson Hour Pitch Reel (where he is "attacked" by Jim Henson when Henson momentarily takes the puppet off Dave Goelz's hand). The Gunge puppet made cameo appearances, with different eyes, in multiple episodes of Dinosaurs, evading consumption by Robbie Sinclair and Roy Hess.

Philo appeared in Mopatop's Shop as Mabel and Magic Teeny and one of the puppets was used in the episode "Rude Dude" as the Toodlepip from Outer Space.

The duo returned in the 2022 series Fraggle Rock: Back to the Rock, now performed by Dan Garza (as Philo) and John Tartaglia (as Gunge).



  • For the 1993 book and audio set Inside Fraggle Rock, Dave Goelz voiced both Philo and Gunge for one line.

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