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PERFORMER Dee Bradley Baker
DEBUT 2018

Phineas T. Cup is a 2D-animated yellow fish with a British accent, holding a tea cup, who first appeared in the Muppet Babies episode "Upside Down Day," during the song "You're Not Alone," with the words "Not alone!"

He has since made appearances in other episodes, often in silent cameos but occasionally with lines.

In the episode "The Spoon in the Stone," a tall statue of him adorns the medieval town square's fountain, and in the season two finale "Block Busters," during the song "Look at Me!," his silhouette appears on a carousel.

Baby Gonzo briefly turns Summer Penguin into Phineas T. Cup, in the episode "A Backyard Divided."

He has not been referred to by name on the series, but Matt Danner confirmed his name in an interview with The Muppet Mindset. (YouTube).