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Tv sesame street phoebe.jpg
PERFORMER Alice Dinnean 2001-2002
  John Tartaglia 2002
DEBUT 2001

Phoebe appeared in the "Monster Clubhouse" segments on Sesame Street. She was originally called "Groogle" in Season 32, but her name was dubbed to Phoebe when those sketches were re-aired during later seasons. Three new episodes were also filmed for Season 33, using the name Phoebe, and with a new performer. She is the one who translates for Mel when he speaks, but Mel usually gets confused by her translation.

Since the Monster Clubhouse segments were discontinued after Season 34, Phoebe made cameos in the background in various inserts such as Episode 4031, Oscar's version of "Bein' Green", Happy Healthy Monsters (with white eyes and no eyelashes) and as an audience member in The Not-Too-Late Show with Elmo.

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