Pick Your Pet is a game show from the first season of Sesame Street, and is a parody of The Dating Game.

Pick Your Pet is hosted by Guy Smiley, who was, at this point, named Sonny Friendly. The Pick Your Pet contestant wears a blindfold while questioning three different animals; from among them, she will choose her pet. The contestant in this skit is Lucy Jones (who would later become Betty Lou), and the animal choices are a bird (Little Bird), a dog (Baskerville), and a monster (Beautiful Day Monster), the last of which Sonny considers hideous and doesn't think the contestant would want.

Lucy asks the animals a series of questions that indicate she hopes she'll be able to choose a cat. Her time runs out before she can ask Beautiful Day Monster any questions. She has to choose, so she picks Beautiful Day Monster. The monster acts like a cat, so Lucy is happy with her pet.


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