Pictures in my head
Written by Jeannie Lurie
Aris Archontis
Chen Neeman
Date 2011
Source The Muppets
Publisher Fuzzy Muppet Songs
Mad Muppet Melodies

"Pictures in My Head" is an original song from the film The Muppets. The song is sung by Kermit the Frog as he reminisces about the Muppet gang. As he sings, old portraits of the Muppets - including Fozzie, Gonzo, the Electric Mayhem, and the Swedish Chef - come alive and join in. The covered up portrait of Miss Piggy (painted by artist Peter Savieri[1]) remains silent.

The tune was also interpolated into the score by Christophe Beck for the scene right after Tex Richman kicked the Muppets out of the theater, and they slowly walk away from the stage.

Kermit described the song saying:[2]

I walk through the halls of a big mansion looking at portraits of my Muppet friends and missing those guys. It was very emotional...and I think it will disprove critics who've said 'the frog can't emote.'

The film's visual effects producer Janet Muswell Hamilton spoke of the scene;

Right from the beginning, that scene was planned out very carefully with the puppeteers, our director, and LOOK FX. We discussed it in length because I wanted to achieve a sense of transitioning from two dimensions to three -- a sort of extrusion -- which isn't easy. I worked on the stills with the art director and LOOK FX so, as a visual effects company, they had all the information necessary to recreate what we hung on the set. The fact that they were real pictures, not visual effects, really helped us in the long run. When we took the pictures down, there were holes in the set -- like a diorama. The puppets were behind those holes (with blue screen behind them) in the same configuration as the stills, and began moving on cue which, I think, worked pretty well.

We were able to reapply the exact texture and shine because we were involved from the beginning. Planning is very important for any shot. If you plan things, it comes together quite nicely. There were no major problems or obstacles because of in-depth planning.[3]




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